FFLPA to Players: Save Your Money, In Case of 2011 Lockout

By  Last updated: 27th April 2011

MIDDLETOWN, CT — The Associated Press reports that the FFLPA has informed players that they should save money in case of a lengthy lockout in 2011. “I think it’s very important that we show some restraint on spending a lot of money and being frivolous,” Waikiki Tsunamis quarterback and FFLPA team representative Tom Brady said. “I think young players need to worry about necessities like beachfront property and collecting supermodels while they are still winsome and pretty, because after two years nothing is guaranteed.”

Connecticut running back Michael Turner added, “From our standpoint right now, you not only prepare for the worst, that seems like the direction it’s headed. If players aren’t prepared, if guys are in bad financial situations, it hurts our leverage as players.”

The FFL and FFLPA face a potentially uncapped financial climate in 2010, and a 2011 lockout if no new collective bargaining agreement is reached this season.  According to FFL lawyer Sarah Shapiro, “the players need to come to the realization that this league doesn’t play for money.  What gives?”

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