Charles Rogers Ineligible to Play in CFFL

By  Last updated: 3rd September 2009

TORONTO, ON — The CFFL Online reports that free-agent wide receiver Charles Rogers, a former draft bust for the Dallas Knights, is ineligible to play in the Canadian Fantasy Football League because he is currently under suspension from the FFL. Toronto Triangles head coach Duncan Sanford said on Tuesday that his team had an interest in signing Rogers, whose injuries and drug use led to the downfall of his short FFL career. However, officials at the CFFL’s home office confirmed Rogers’ suspension.

Rogers caught 22 passes for 243 yards and three touchdowns during his first five games of the 2003 season, before breaking his collarbone while practicing a speed drill, leaving him out for the season. He was expected to come back, and Dallas owner Tyler Fleming was impressed enough by the rookie’s debut that he made Rogers one of the team’s 2004 keepers.  However, in the third play of the 2004 season, Rogers suffered another broken collarbone, and was once again out for the season.

With the start of the 2005 season, Rogers was drafted by the Kansas City Blockers, but did not see the field of play.  In Week 4, he was released when the team signed backup quarterback Josh McCown.  During the 2005 season, Rogers was suspended four games for a third violation of the FFL’s substance abuse policy.  Rogers has not played since, though he continues to try to resurrect his career.

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