2009 FFL Season Will Kick Off with Blockers vs. Blazers

By  Last updated: 2nd September 2009

The 2009 FFL season will be opened with a match between two AFFC North rivals, as the Kansas City Blockers will play host to the Montana Blazers at H&R Block Stadium.

The game will also serve as the opening broadcast for the FFL Network’s Jackie-Award-winning broadcast team, including Neil Peterson, Pepper Johnson, Chip Lohmiller, and Ricardo Dayton with sideline reports.  “We’re very excited to be opening the 18th annual FFL season,” said Lohmiller.  “I haven’t been this excited since Ben Fleming signed me on to a keeper contract in 1993.”

“Te quiero Kansas City barbeque,” said Dayton.

Blockers – Blazers was chosen as the inaugural Game of the Week due to the fact that it was the only Week 1 matchup between two 2008 playoff teams, and the two teams combined for more 2008 scoring than any other pair facing off in Week 1.

The FFL Network secured its choice of games for the opening Game of the Week when FFL Network executive director of programming Joe Jacoby won an offseason poker game against CBS president Les Moonves. Jacoby also won the syndication rights to the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother but subsequently lost them on a horse bet later that day.

“We are looking forward to another fruitful season of cornering the market on fringe sports television demographics.  For instance, we have made tremendous inroads in 18-35 year-old single lesbian viewership,” said Jacoby.  “It’s a win-win situation.  After all, what bigger TV markets could there be than Kansas City and the greater Billings, Montana area?”

The Superfan could not be reached for comment, as he had already left his Billings home for the local Wal-Mart to  stock up on tailgating provisions.

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