Miracles Ground Game Hobbled by Injuries

By  Last updated: 1st September 2009

After spending much of the preseason saying there was plenty of time, the Miracles now have a little more than two weeks for their backfield to get a little healthier.

The team has averaged 3.5 yards a carry in its two preseason games.

With Knowshon Moreno and Jonathan Stewart having missed significant parts of the preseason, what was a position of optimism when training camp opened now has some concern associated with it. Ray Rice, Fred Jackson, and LeSean McCoy have tried to pick up the slack in their absence, but with only mixed success.

With the regular-season opener now 12 days away and Moreno not yet expected to be full speed — either in his recovery from a sprained knee or his football conditioning — by the time the Miracles go to Charleston to play the season opener, it means coach Jeff Zieger may have to consider a spread offense (potentially run by a rusty Brett Favre) to start the year.

“I have full confidence that the running game in the season opener will be dominant and pretty much impossible to defend,” said Zieger.  “Oh wait, we’re talking about my team?”

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