Brady’s Shoulder a Concern for Tsunamis

By  Last updated: 1st September 2009

While the Tsunamis and coach Michael Linnemann offered scant information about the status of quarterback Tom Brady’s right shoulder yesterday, a source close to the team said “there is no need for hysteria’’ and that the shoulder, which absorbed the brunt of a blow from Black Sox defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins Friday, is sore but that it appears Brady will be fine.

The source said there shouldn’t be a lot of angst about Brady’s health because “there are not any concerns’’ at this time.

Brady, who played six series in the Tsunamis tilt with the Black Sox, was expected to participate in the second half. But he did not play another down after Jenkins drove him into the BancWest Stadium turf shoulder-first and then landed on top of him with the full force of his 6-foot-2-inch, 305-pound frame on a third-down incompletion with 2:05 left in the half.

Tight end Anthony Fasano helped Brady up by the right arm and the franchise QB walked to the sideline, where television cameras caught him rotating the shoulder. The Tsunamis didn’t get the ball back in the half, although Brady was throwing warm-up passes as Chicago was driving.

He came out for the second half and threw again, but retreated to the locker room for the rest of the game, his night done after going 12 of 19 for 150 yards with two touchdowns in his most reassuring performance yet as he returns from the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligament tears that cost him the 2008 season.

However, Brady’s shoulder overshadowed his performance.

The team announced during the second half that Brady had a “sore shoulder’’ and after the game Linnemann said he didn’t pull Brady any earlier than planned.

Linnemann repeated that yesterday and also hinted that Brady would not play against the Fancy Lads in the final exhibition game Thursday, so the team could look at the quarterbacks behind him, including Matt Schaub, who has been trying to shake injury issues of his own.

“I’m saying that we made the decision to play Schaub in the second half of the Chicago game because we wanted to see them play, and that will be the same situation [in] the Lads game,’’ said Linnemann. “Tom had a desire to play, but we made a football decision to play other players because I think we need to see other players at that position and make an evaluation there.’’

Linnemann would not directly answer when asked whether Brady had X-rays on the shoulder.

“I’m not really comfortable getting into a public diagnosis of anything,’’ said Linnemann.

“Look, we played a physical game against a very physical team. I’m sure at the end of the game a lot of guys were sore and had bumps and bruises. Everybody that played in the game would fall into that category, so that’s pretty normal after a game like that.’’

The source said that common sense dictated not sending Brady back out in the second half.

“If it’s sore, there is no sense going out and antagonizing it,’’ said the source.

Before his season-ending knee injury in the team’s 2008 opener, Brady had not missed a start in years, despite being listed as probable for many of them with the right shoulder cited as his reason for being on the injury report.

If this were the regular season, Linnemann was asked, would Brady be listed as probable with the shoulder?

“That’s hard to say,’’ said Linnemann. “We’ll fill that report out when it comes. That’s happened before.’’

Last year, the entire season hinged on Brady’s backups, which included tours of duty by JaMarcus Russell, Chad Pennington, and in the waning weeks of the season, Kurt Warner. However, the canonized starting QB appears to have avoided another major injury for now.

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